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Windows Phone 8 SDK may be released at the Visual Studio 2012 launch event on the 12th September

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The last we heard the Windows Phone 8 SDK was to be released in mid-September. Now the Visual Studio team have been posting about developing for Windows Phone 8, noting the Visual Studio Virtual Launch Event will feature details on C++ development in Windows Phone 8.

Given that the virtual event will be on the 12th September is seems a rather convenient date to release the Windows Phone 8 SDK also, which is of course needed to develop for the new features of the new OS.

With Windows Phone 8 handsets expected to hit the market within a few weeks to a month after this it is likely there will be little software initially to take advantage of the great new features in Windows Phone 8, but there have been rumours that some trusted developers have had access, which does mean we should see some big-name titles out of the gate exploiting the new OS.

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