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Nokia wants to cut your cords, gives boost to wireless charging

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One of the coolest announcements made by the Nokia executive team today was that the company will do all it can to boost the adoption of wireless charging. As a big part of this effort, Nokia will launch the Lumia 920 with built-in wireless charging capabilities, as well as a wireless charging back cover for the Lumia 820. For all this to work, though, the company will also offer a number of charging accessories, on which to actually place your handsets

Coming in fitting vibrant colors, the basic accessory here is the Charging Plate. Simply place your Lumia on top of it and you’ll see the battery meter go up. Then there’s the Fatboy pillow, which is like a… softer and more comfortable (for your Lumia) version of the Charging Plate. It doesn’t seem to do anything that the Charging Plate doesn’t, but well, it’s always good to have choice.

If you’d like a different form-factor, though, you can go for the Nokia Charging Stand, which will keep your phone standing while charging it. Finally, there’s the JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker, which is a big speaker with the ability to charge your device.

But offering a bunch of accessories isn’t all that Nokia is going to do in its quest to popularizing wireless charging. The company has signed deals with Virgin Atlantic and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in order to introduce this technology to Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Lounges and cafes across the U.S.

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