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Korea Times: Samsung Galaxy S 4 to be announced at MWC2013

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Okay, folks, get your salt shakers ready before reading the following bit of rumor mill material. According to the Korea Times, a Samsung Galaxy S 4 is already being planned for release in early 2013. Word allegedly comes from an anonymous Samsung insider, who said that the smartphone is expected to be announced in February during MWC in Barcelona. The decision was taken only three days after Apple announced the iPhone 5, the tipster adds. After getting unveiled officially, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 (or Galaxy S IV, perhaps?) will hit the market in March, which would be only ten months after the international release of the Galaxy S III.

 Korea Times: Samsung Galaxy S 4 to be announced at MWC2013
If the source of this spicy rumor is to be trusted, the next Galaxy S smartphone would boast an even bigger screen measuring 5 inches in diagonal. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S III has a 4.8-inch screen. To no surprise, the processor inside the Galaxy S 4 would be an Exynos one, although nothing is said whether a potential U.S. variant would swap it for a different chip due to LTE compatibility issues. What is said, however, is that the processor will be of the quad-core kind.
Again, keep in mind that what you just read exists only in rumorland and could be totally inaccurate. Let’s just wait until more info on the matter is revealed before getting excited about Samsung’s next greatest smartphone.

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