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Jelly Bean adoption grew by 1,500% in first two months, outpaced previous Android versions

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While a 1.47 percent market share at the end of August doesn’t seem like much for the latest version of Android, a closer look at the numbers reveals that Jelly Bean has been one of the most quickly adopted versions in the history of Google’s mobile OS. According to research gathered by mobile ad network Chitika, traffic from Jelly bean device grew at a rate of 1,500 percent in the two months following its initial launch.

In comparison, it took the previous Android version, Ice Cream Sandwich, to achieve a similar overall market share of 1.54 percent, an indication that Google and its manufacturing partners have done a better job of updating older devices to Jelly Bean or, perhaps more likely, the success of the Nexus 7 tablet, which ships with Android 4.1 on board.

In terms of the bigger picture, the majority of Android devices still operate on the 2.0 framework, with over 50 percent running Android Gingerbread. In an ideal world, current device models would be quickly updated to the latest OS build, but the problem dubbed fragmentation, or the existence of dozens upon dozens of differently specced phones with unique hardware running on a multitude of carrier networks, has created more than its share of stumbling blocks.

[via BGR]

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