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Android Users Eat An Average Of 870MB Of Data A Month

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According to research from NPD Connected Intelligence, Android users use only 870MB of cellular data per month, and 2.5GB of WiFi data per month. This doesn’t come as a big surprise, considering most Android users are average people. But the interesting part is how it’s broken up by age.

Those ages 18-24 used 1.05GB of cellular data a month, while the others used about 0.8GB each. And interestingly, the age group of 25-34 used the most WiFi data, 3.01GB a month. The WiFi numbers are quite large, which is surprising to me. But the cellular data numbers are about what I expected, and the perfect reason for carriers to be adding data caps.

The data was collected by an app called SmartMeter. People are given incentives to install it, and it allows NPD to monitor data usage on around 1,000 Android phones, currently. They will soon release it on iOS too, it’ll be interesting to see those results.

So tell us, how much cellular data do you use in a month? And does a data cap bother you?

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