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Apple is now No.2 and Samsung enters Top 10 of global brands

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Interbrand has released its 13th annual Best Global Brands report, essentially the most well-regarded Top 100 showcasing the value of different brands across the world. Interbrand’s methodology is ISO certified and focuses on the ways in which a brand can touch and benefit the organization that owns it, “from driving bottom-line business results to delivering on customer expectations”.

This year’s results are great for certain companies that have big investments in mobile. Apple has risen to No.2, and Samsung has made a surprise appearance into the Top 10 for the first time in history. The Korean company’s brand is now considered to be the 9th most valuable in the world, and said to be worth $32.8 billion.

Samsung’s brand value has increased by 40% compared to last year, and it jumped to No.9 from No.17. Interbrand considers the fact that Samsung has become the No.1 smartphone maker worldwide as a key reason for this. However, the consultancy also counts the amount of buzz that the Korean company has been able to generate regarding its flagship devices, the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note, as instrumental in making Samsung break into the Top 10.

Samsung’s huge presence at the 2012 Olympic Games in London also helped its brand a lot. And it certainly looks like the company’s legal troubles prompted by Apple haven’t done anything to tarnish its brand’s value – if anything, we can assume that the contrary has happened. Perhaps more people are aware of Samsung’s brand and its products now that’s it’s been associated so much with Apple even in the mainstream media.

Speaking of Apple, its brand has been no slouch either over the past year. Apple rose to be the world’s second most valuable brand, following only Coca-Cola. Apple’s brand is now valued at an amazing $76.5 billion. The 129% jump in value for Apple compared to 2011 is the biggest of any brand in this year’s report. Last year, Apple was No.8.

Other brands featured in the report and which have something to do with mobile stuff include Google at No.4, Microsoft at No.5 (down from No.3 last year), Nokia at No.19 (compared to No.14 in 2011), Amazon at No.20, and Sony at No.40.

The full Interbrand report is available here.

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