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LG decides to show how good its IPS LCD screens are, scares people to death in an elevator [Video]

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We know there is rarely anything better than a good IPS (in-plane switching) display in the LCD universe, or so says LG. Well, Samsung begs to differ with its PLS (plane-to-line switching) tech, but since the iPhone is using IPS LCDs, it is the most popular mobile screen technology for the flagship phones of Apple and LG itself, and that’s not a small number.

Besides mobile displays, LG also uses the tech in monitors and the like, and decided to show how lifelike images it can produce with a pretty elaborate prank.
It mounted a few such displays on the floor of an elevator, put a camera in there to observe the reactions, and imitated flickering lights and a falling floor, which must have been pretty scary for the guys and gals riding in. LG is no stranger to weird commercials, but this here takes the cake and eats it.

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