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The Google Nexus 7 has a meltdown

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Note to self: Never leave a device charging while unattended. Why, you ask? Because there’s always the off chance that something like this could happen.

What you’re looking at are images of one user’s Nexus 7 after it was left charging — unattended — for a good couple of hours. When the owner returned to where the Nexus 7 should have been sleeping peacefully, she was greeted with a room with smoke and the Nexus 7 melted to a toasty Pop-Tart.

According to the Chinese forum where the images were posted, the user was using the factory OEM charger and the device was only left charging for a total of 3 hours before spontaneously combusting. We’ve seen cases in the past where shady characters have attempted to pass off exploding devices as a manufacturer defect, only to later find out the cause was owner misuse. This doesn’t appear to be indication of foul play and apparently ASUS has already dealt with the matter, sending off a shiny new replacement. Let’s hope the new one has better luck.

[via TheAndroidSoul | MobileGeeks | Baidu]

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