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XOLO B700 official, packs 3450 mAh battery for INR 8,999

XOLO has officially launched it in the country. As seen on the retailer listings, the phone has been priced at INR 8,999.


XOLO B700 packs some pretty decent specifications for the given price-tag, but the main attraction of the phone is its massive 3,450 mAh battery. According to XOLO, the battery will last for 20 hours of talk time on 3G networks.


“B700 offers uninterrupted fun for longer duration because of 3450 mAh battery which offers Music Playback up to 38 hours via internal speakers and up to 86 hours via wired headset. Video Playback time is up to 9 hours while using internal speakers and up to 10.5 hours while using wired headset,” XOLO added in a press release.

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iMessage ‘denial-of-service’ attack crashes devs’ iOS Messages apps

A recent spate of prank texts sent to a group of iOS developers has revealed a limitation in how Apple handles data sent through its iMessage service, which in some cases can crash the app if the incoming message is too long or contains overly complex characters.

iMessage DoS

Source: The Next Web

As reported to The Next Web, iOS app developers iH8sn0w, well known for his jailbreak tool, and Grant Paul were among those targeted by a type of denial of service (DoS) attack that overwhelmed their respective Messages inboxes with a load of automatically-generated transmissions.

The two devs believe the messages to have been sent one after another from the Messages app on OS X, with a simple AppleScript effecting the barrage that prompts a victim to constantly clear notifications and text.

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Google gets patent for advanced display settings based on battery life

This patent is a pretty cool one, because it’s finally something that’s at least a little bit different. It’s not just a patent for something that we’ve all seen, but rather Google has been granted a patent for advanced display settings based on battery life. And, “advanced” is the key word here, because we’re not just talking about brightness.

Google gets patent for advanced display settings based on battery life

According to the new patent granted for Google, there would be three different “operating modes” that would be implemented for OLED displays based on the batterylevel. On the first level, blur and animations would be disabled. On the second level, the resolution of the display would be lowered. On the third level, the display would only show black and red colors (the most power efficient colors for OLED displays).