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iOS7 lockscreen glitch, uploading video bug, multitasking issue..

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Here is the list of bugs on operating system iOS 7.0.0

Lockscreen glitch

iPad wallpaper issue


Uploading videos through stock photos application freezes iDevices (iPad mini and iPhone 5) for some time

While multitasking icon sometimes stays without app preview

Safari doesnt show youtube videos, after enabling “reader” mode it shows youtube videos

Layout and UI glitches

Someone forgot to design Sounds icon

-Settings application crashes randomly
-Alarms isn’t reliable, sometimes it works, sometimes it won’t
-Using iPad with gestures is terrible, stuttering/ lagging a lot
-On iPhone 5S iOS 7.0.1 the center headphone button doesn’t seem to be working
-Artists’ pictures not showing in Music App

Found more bugs? report them to Apple

additional source:¬†…l#.UkPpvo0azCT


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