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Nokia, HTC, Motorola and more take to Twitter to rain on Apple’s big day

Not everyone was all that happy to let Apple have its day in the spotlight and leave it at that. Of course, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that competing companies would take to Twitter to try to draw a bit of attention away from Apple and its iPhone announcements. Some worked well, some didn’t, and some were just odd, so let’s round up the most notable.

Our favorite was likely Nokia, but that’s mostly because we freaking loveBreaking Bad, and we definitely agree that “Real gangsters don’t use gold phones.” Motorola used the time to simply link to its recently released “Lazy Phone” ads with TJ Miller. The official Windows Phone Twitter account went the GIF route to show off the Lumia 1020 camera. Then, there was Denny’s which you certainly wouldn’t expect, but that was definitely a good one.
HTC bombed the day, in our opinion. HTC didn’t have any images prepared, and didn’t even seem to have a good writing team on the job, so rather than pithy, it just came off as mean-spirited. Oh well. They can’t all be winners.

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Android dominates smartphones in Q3 2012, Samsung widens its sales lead

Android continues expanding its dominance of the smartphone market, Samsung keeps on increasing its lead as the biggest smartphone maker and Nokia slips catastrophically in Q3 2012. That is a quick summary of what happened in the third quarter of 2012, according to the latest numbers by Gartner.

The analytics company concludes that while overall phone sales dropped slightly, smartphone sales are growing rapidly rising by 46.9% in Q3 2012.

Android dominates smartphones in Q3 2012, Samsung widens its sales lead

Samsung cemented its position as the most prolific phone manufacturer selling nearly 98 million devices in the quarter.
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Nokia Music updated to Version 3.5

Nokia Music has been updated to version 3.5, and unusually on this occasion Nokia gave a changelog.


New in this version:

  • Download all types of mixes to listen to offline
  • ‘pin to start’ any mix, so you can quickly play your favourites
  • See what mixes and songs you’ve previously listened to by tapping ‘recent
  • Search for gigs by artist, venue and city
  • Share details of the song you are playing to social networks, via email and
  • Fixed disappearing menu options
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Samsung sold twice as many smartphones as Apple in Q3, Nokia falls out of top five smartphone makers

Samsung sold 56.3 million smartphones in the third quarter of 2012, more than any other company and twice as many as its nearest competitor Apple, according to latest research by IDC. The two companies combined sold nearly a half of the total 179.7 million smartphones in the quarter.
Samsung sold twice as many smartphones as Apple in Q3, Nokia falls out of top five smartphone makers
As Samsung grew sales, though, the smartphone top 5 changed a lot and for the first time in years Nokia is not in it. The Finnish manufacturer, known for basically creating the smartphone, sold only 6.3 million smartphones.That is less than RIM, less than ZTE and less than HTC.
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Nokia sold 2.9 million Lumia Windows Phones in Q3 2012

Nokia sold 2.9 million Lumia Windows Phone devices in the third quarter of 2012, as sales of its Windows Phone-based smartphonesdeclined from a 4 million sales peak in Q2 2012. Overall, Nokia smartphone sales stood at 6.3 million, and that means that Symbian sales stand at 3.4 million still outselling Windows Phone.

Nokia sold 2.9 million Lumia Windows Phones in Q3 2012

With more Windows Phone sales being sold and the share of Symbian rapidly diminishing, Nokia’s average sales price (ASP) for smart device has also grown to 155 euro, up from 151 in the previous quarter.

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There are now over 1 billion smartphone users on the planet

In Q3 of 2012, a pretty significant milestone has been reached, according to a study by the research experts at Strategy Analytics. It is estimated that the total number of smartphone owners worldwide has surpassed the 1 billion mark for the first time ever since smartphones came to be back in 1996. In comparison, the figure stood at 0.7 billion at the end of Q3, 2011. That’s huge!

There are now over 1 billion smartphone users on the planet
Think of it this way: one in seven people around the globe have some kind of a smartphone, be it an iPhone, an Android handset, a Symbian device, or any kind of phone worthy of being called smart. But what’s even more exciting is that the numbers are to go higher at an even more ridiculous pace, if the research is correct.

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Mobile Choice Consumers Award 2012: Samsung Galaxy S III best smartphone, Apple iPad best tablet

The 2012 Mobile Choice Awards have just taken place in London and the results are in – with Samsung’s Galaxy S III coming out on top as Best Smartphone of 2012. Despite its main competitor – the iPhone 5 – enjoying a great deal of early success and record sales figures, it is the Korean company’s quad-core effort which came out on top this time around.

It’s key to note, however, that the iPhone 5 wasn’t actually included in the competition but the iPhone 4S, so while this is something to cherish from Samsung’s point of view, many will wonder how the competition might have gone if the results were coming in later this year, and inclusive of the Cupertino company’s flagship.


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