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Revised Apple website no longer calls iOS 6 Maps most ‘powerful’

In the wake of criticism over its Maps application for iOS 6, Apple has revised its website to no longer refer to the software as the most “powerful mapping service ever.”

The change, made to Apple’s promotional website for iOS 6, was highlighted on Sunday by CNet. In its original form, the site told users that changes “may just make this app the most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever.”

But the website has since been revised to state that new features such as interactive 3D views and Flyover imagery are “all in a beautiful vector-based interface that scales and zooms with ease.”


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Google Maps has not been submitted to iOS: “We think it would have been better if they had kept ours”

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt on Tuesday confirmed a new version of its popular iOS mapping app has not yet been submitted to Apple, adding that the iPhone maker’s decision to switch to a new proprietary solution was perhaps a misstep.

Speaking to Reuters during a visit to Japan to promote Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, Schmidt confirmed that the company hasn’t made any moves toward launching an iOS 6 compatible version of Google Maps, officially quashing a rumor which said the app was already under review by Apple.

The executive didn’t stop there, however, and said Apple’s move to replace Google Maps was a mistake.

“We think it would have been better if they had kept ours. But what do I know?” Schmidt remarked. “What were we going to do, force them not to change their mind? It’s their call.”

With iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, Apple Maps supplanted Google Maps as the mobile operating system’s default mapping service, with new features like free turn-by-turn navigation and unique 3D “Flyover” capabilities. Apple’s in-house solution is far from polished, however, and a number of critics said the switch may have been premature.


As for when Apple may allow a new Google Maps app into the App Store, Schmidt had no comment on the matter besides affirming he wants to continue whatever partnership can be salvaged from the somewhat broken relationship.

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Apple Aggressively Recruiting Ex-Google Maps Staff To Build Out iOS Maps

Apple is going after people with experience working on Google Maps to develop its own product, according to a source with connections on both teams. Using recruiters, Apple is pursuing a strategy of luring away Google Maps employees who helped develop the search giant’s product on contract, and many of those individuals seem eager to accept due in part to the opportunity Apple represents to build new product, instead of just doing “tedious updates” on a largely complete platform.


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